• Semantic Web Human vs. Machine-Enhanced Scientific Discovery – CDD Webinar Video September 27, 2016 - We’re delighted to share with you the video from our exciting recent “Human vs Machine-Enhanced Scientific Discovery” Webinar: The panelists peered into a rapidly approaching future world where computers are doing experiments side-by-side with scientists. In that reality, having data that is FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) is critical. The panelists reframed the way we [...]
  • CDD Library Selection Genentech & UCSF Library Selection – CDD Webinar Video June 1, 2016 - CDD’s May Town Hall Webinar explored how the selection of optimal chemical libraries can improve the drug discovery process. Guided by a distinguished panel of speakers, this Town Hall style webinar challenged our panelists, as well as the audience, to think hard about what should be included in an optimal small molecule library and to [...]
  • PPPWebinar CDD TOWN HALL WEBINAR VIDEO: DRUG DISCOVERY PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS (PPPs) April 19, 2016 - CDD’s inaugural CDD Town Hall Webinar explored how Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) have inspired efforts to improve the pace of drug discovery. Guided by a distinguished panel of speakers, this Town Hall style webinar examined: Various approaches for establishing successful PPPs How PPPs have affected the drug discovery efforts for Commercial and Neglected Tropical Diseases The [...]
  • WrangleYourData_200 On Demand Video from the Wrangling all your Diverse Assay Data Webinar October 8, 2015 - CDD’s recent live webinar event, Wrangling all Diverse Assay Data, was a great success.  To summarize, Dr. Dale Cameron discussed how viDA Therapeutics implemented CDD Vault, saving time and money by leaving behind the “large amount of labor it took” to maintain multiple tools. This webinar demonstrated firsthand how a hosted, secure collaborative system makes [...]
  • pIC50 Webinar On Demand Video from the pIC50 Scientific Webinar April 15, 2015 - CDD’s recent live webinar event about the merits of pIC50 was a great success. To summarize, Dr. Marc Navre endeavored to convince the audience to think logarithmically, and why the use of pIC50 values to share the results of in vitro assays with colleagues is easier, smarter and cleaner than using “old-fashioned” IC50 values. Live examples of using CDD Vault and CDD Vision to enable these calculations were also presented. If you missed it, or would like to share with your colleagues, you can download the slides or check out the complete presentation...
  • Webinar Video In Case You Missed It, Check Out The Video From CDD’s Recent Scientific Webinar October 29, 2014 - CDD’s recent live webinar event was a great success. To summarize, first, Dr. Chris Lipinski, reknowned medicinal chemist and CDD Scientific Advisory Board member, described the importance of considering enthalpy and entropy when optimizing for ligand affinity, and how this might differ between drug discovery techniques. Using the custom calculations available in CDD Visualization, we defined [...]