CDD Vault Update: Structure Masking and Biologist User Roles

In a common scenario encountered by our users, chemical libraries for a project have already been imported, and the individuals who are screening compounds do not want to accidentally add or modify molecules. In another related scenario, some of our users want to allow access to their vaults without disclosing any chemical structures. This release introduces features to support these collaborative scenarios.

Structure Masking

This setting allows a user to access a vault without being able to see any of the chemical structures. This user can still be allowed to add and edit protocols and screening results, but cannot view or export structure information. This setting is compatible with any user role that cannot create molecules.

Structure-masked users cannot:


‘Biologist’ user roles

We have added two new user roles that many collaborations will find helpful: ‘Read Add – Biology’ and ‘Full Access – Biology’. These are exactly like the normal ‘Read Add’ and ‘Full Access’ roles, except they are prevented from creating or modifying molecules and batches. While in a vault, the following table of user roles can be viewed by clicking on your role name in the upper-right of the page, or click the image below for a larger version.



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