Finding a cure for TB: The world is a virtual lab and the cloud is the limit!

From the desk of Sylvia Ernst, Ph.D – Sr. Director Community Growth at CDD



Neglected disease research is one of our passions here at CDD – Malaria and TB in particular.  Yesterday, I (Sylvia Ernst) came across this well written Wired Magazine Article that references back to a related recent Times of India Article on TDR (Totally Drug Resistant) TB spreading in India. Not good.

Can the world’s scientists come together work like an integrated Big Pharma to find new drugs? Can researchers around the world work together as if they were one (organization)?

Yes – they can!  Check this out as an inspiring example:  More Medicines for Tuberculosis

The web (some say “the cloud”) enables scientists from disparate labs to collaborate in real time – as if they are one.  100% web-based services like CDD provide a platform where scientists can temporally join for projects and securely and privately work on drug discovery data.  They can use sophisticated chemoinformatics tools, create joint SAR tables, match (or mask) molecules with collaboratively derived biodata from screening experiments, calculate IC50 data and dose response curves and collaborate across organizations, countries, borders, cultures and time zones – as if they are one!