Happy Birthday CDD!

“Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear C-D-D… happy birthday to you.”

birthday cupcake

CDD was founded in April 2004, spun out of Lilly – a little bundle in the cradle then, and…. oh boy….did that kid grow up fast! It was a bit a disruptive, revolutionary child….how so?

Let’s look back for a moment. 2004 – That was before the iphone, ipad, i-everything, before the “cloud”, before Amazon Web-Services and especially before any scientist would dare putting their data “onto the web” into a “hosted software”.  CDD is a hosted solution, SaaS, Software as a Service for drug discovery informatics. Although it was revolutionary then – CDD is the backbone for many labs today.  Plus – secure SaaS like CDD lets you collaborate in a private Vault like never before.

So fast-forward again, April 1st, 2013 – on CDD’s 9th birthday!

Today it is hard to keep track of all the number of organizations that use CDD anymore; it is hundreds (maybe nine hundred and ninety nine?) CDD’s uptime is > 99.9% with thousands of happy users.

May the next 9 years be just as great!