On Demand Video from the Wrangling all your Diverse Assay Data Webinar

CDD’s recent live webinar event, Wrangling all Diverse Assay Data, was a great success.  To summarize, Dr. Dale Cameron discussed how viDA Therapeutics implemented CDD Vault, saving time and money by leaving behind the “large amount of labor it took” to maintain multiple tools. This webinar demonstrated firsthand how a hosted, secure collaborative system makes drug discovery information available for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

If you missed it, or would like to share with your colleagues, you can check out the complete presentation:

We greatly appreciate the smart and insightful questions from the audience, and welcome your ideas for future webinar topics.

Click to read more about CDD Vault, including how YOU can start a free trial and learn more about CDD Vault’s chemical registration, structure activity relationship, and collaborative data management capabilities!

If you’re interested in learning more about how the CDD Vault and CDD Vision can help you in your research needs, please contact us at info@collaborativedrug.com.