Genentech & UCSF Library Selection – CDD Webinar Video

CDD’s May Town Hall Webinar explored how the selection of optimal chemical libraries can improve the drug discovery process.

Guided by a distinguished panel of speakers, this Town Hall style webinar challenged our panelists, as well as the audience, to think hard about what should be included in an optimal small molecule library and to consider what would be “universally desirable” screening molecules.

Click below to view the webinar recording:

CDD was joined in the discussion by:

CDD sends an extremely grateful THANK YOU to these panelists – we appreciate your contributions in this very successful webinar!

A number of great questions were posted by the attendees during this webinar. Unfortunately, time did not permit the panelists to answer every one. So here are the remaining questions and answers not covered in the above recording.

If you enjoyed this Town Hall PPP webinar, be sure to check the CDD Website for information on our Fall Webinar featuring Scott Snyder from Evotec.

AsinexWe thank the sponsor of this webinar, Mark Parisi from Asinex, which provides a number of public and private libraries within CDD Vault.

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