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    February 16, 2018

    CDD Vault Update: CDD Vault is Now an ELN

    CDD Vault ELN is an extension to CDD Vault for archiving and selectively sharing experimental text, data. CDD Vault ELN helps you capture and collaborate around unstructured information (conversations, notes, documents, images, files) and structured data (experimental results, plots, SAR). Experiments are easily digestible, reproducible, and available as templates for further optimization. ELN entries are tightly integrated within the CDD Vault platform and operate under the same Project-based organization. Capture You can easily capture and link to a variety of objects in CDD Vault ELN including:
    1. Images
    2. File attachments
    3. Links to CDD Vault & other resources
    4. Tables
    5. Structures
    CDD_ELN Search The ELN allows users to quickly search for text or chemical structures using a simple and intuitive interface. Searching can be done using keyword searches over the text within ELN entries or using a chemical sub-structure query. Keyword text searches will search over text found within the ELN entry (title, ELN fields, and the body of the ELN entry) as well as text found within any readable file attached to an ELN entry. To refine search results filter them by the author name, status of the Entries or by the projects to which the Entries belong. CDD_ELN Search Link & Cross-reference to CDD Vault Leverage the power of the CDD Vault platform by linking to various CDD Vault objects within an ELN entry. For example, Molecules registered from an ELN entry into CDD Vault Activity & Registration will be cross-referenced - a link to the Molecule will appear in the ELN entry, and a link to the ELN entry will appear in the Batches tab for the Molecule within Activity & Registration. CDD_ELN Link Similar cross-referencing is supported with Runs of a Protocol. CDD_ELN RunEntry Work Together Collaborate on CDD Vault notebook entries, share annotations and mentor your teammates in real-time. You can customize ELN forms to enforce your business rules within your team and share your ELN entries with the Projects used across the CDD Vault Platform. CDD_Vault_ELN_Projects We've been working hard to make CDD Vault ELN clean, pleasant to use, and elegantly integrated with the registration, analysis and visualization tools already present in CDD Vault. We're excited to share it with you and eager to hear your feedback. Read more about ELN for CDD Vault, and if you prefer a cheat sheet, please view and download the ELN for CDD Vault Reference Card. Want to try it out? Send us an email.

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