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    December 11, 2023

    Recorded Webinar: FAIR (meta)-Data & Assay Annotation


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    FAIR (meta)-Data & Assay Annotation

    Harnessing the full potential of bioassay data has been a problem due to the inherently unstructured and diverse nature of protocol descriptions. The Pistoia Alliance DataFAIRy Bioassay Annotation project seeks to create a standard for FAIR assay annotation, thereby improving the reproducibility and efficiency of scientific research. 

    In this webinar, we invited the esteemed members of the DataFAIRy project to provide an update on recent progress and a demo of the novel Assay Registration Application. Dive into the recorded webinar and get many questions answered by leading researchers who are addressing one of the most important challenges in science. 


    Download Slides (PDF)


    Featuring these leading scientists...


    Isabella Feierberg ,PhD

    Associate Director, Jnana Therapeutics

    Isabella Feierberg is a collaborative leader specializing in the crossroads of people, science, and data in drug discovery. Currently serving as the Associate Director of Cheminformatics for Jnana Therapeutics, she is adept at molecular design, data integration, and vendor relations.

    Before Jnana, Dr. Feierberg spent over 17 years at AstraZeneca, where she honed her skills in informatics and scientific data management. She holds a PhD in Computational Chemistry from Uppsala University and has additional training in Clinical Trials in Medicine from the University of Gothenburg.

    Motivated by the opportunity to make a difference, she is an experienced strategist focused on ideation and execution. Dr. Feierberg also contributed as a chairperson and treasurer to AlumniX at Uppsala University.EllenBerg-1

    Ellen L. Berg, PhD

    Chief Scientific Officer, Alto Predict

    Ellen Berg is a seasoned expert in human cell-based translational assays for drug discovery and chemical safety. With over six years at Alto Predict, she has consulted for research groups, technology developers, and startups, focusing on human in vitro assays, drug mechanisms, safety de-risking, and animal alternatives.

    Prior to Alto Predict, Dr. Berg was the VP of Integrated Assay Science at insitro and the CSO of Translational Biology at Eurofins Discovery, where she led the BioMAP® human primary cell-based platform. In previous positions, she was co-founder and CSO of BioSeek, Inc. and led a research team at Protein Design Labs, Inc.

    Dr. Berg holds a PhD in Chemistry and Biology from Northwestern University and completed her postdoc at Stanford University.

    Larry Callahan 200px

    Larry Callahan, PhD

    Chemist, Office of Health Informatics, US FDA

    Larry Callahan is a Chemist at the US Food & Drug Administration, where he is responsible for the development of the FDA’s Global Substance Registration System (G-SRS). The G-SRS links substances to products, applications clinical trials and adverse events and has a number of relationships between substances. He has also been involved in Nucleic Acid, HIV, tuberculosis research and the development of analytical methods for biotechnology-derived products.

    Dr. Callahan obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Chicago.


    Veronique Francois-Newton, PhD

    Project Manager, Pistoia Alliance

    Veronique Francois has more than 10 years of experience in in vitro research and used to be a senior leader in a CRO providing services to the biopharmaceutical industry. She is currently the Project Manager of the In Vitro Pharmacology Working Group at Pistoia Alliance.

    She has directed the clinical and preclinical operations and has participated to the strategic development of the CRO in particular in the areas of innovation and research.

    Veronique holds an MSc in Immunology and a PhD in Biology from the University of Paris and Institut Pasteur, Paris.

    Also featuring scientists from the Pistoia Alliance DataFAIRy Bioassay Annotation project:

    This webinar will be moderated by Barry Bunin, PhD, CEO of Collaborative Drug Discovery.

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