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    August 1, 2023

    Recorded Webinar: Streamlining Collaborations and Drug Development using CDD Vault

    HubSpot Video

    Join Dr Kelly Bachovchin, CDD Customer Engagement Scientist as she demonstrates how CDD Vault empowers researchers to archive, mine, and securely collaborate on a single platform.

    Discover Collaborative Drug Discovery's CDD Vault, a cloud-based data solution designed to meet the modern needs of biological and chemical data management. With its user-friendly interface and robust collaborative capabilities, CDD Vault offers seamless integration of essential features including:

    -Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) 
    -Activity and Registration 
    -Data Visualization
    -Inventory management

    CDD’s intuitive and secure environment fosters a collaborative space for hypothesis generation, while providing users with multiple perspectives to explore their data for effective multi-parameter optimization. 

    Learn how to simplify your research workflow with CDD Vault and unleash the potential of your research team.

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