CDD Invites Scientists to Join Free Public Data Collaboration Project

June 16, 2010

Here at CDD we want to help researchers interested in archiving and publishing their data for the greater good of the community.

We were struck in two ways by the surge of interest in GlaxoSmithKline’s recent publication of malaria drug screening data on CDD (see our earlier post for details). First, it’s clear that public data sharing invigorates the entire drug discovery ecosystem. Second, we have been inspired by the outpour of goodwill by scientists wishing to help.

Because we have the technology to let researchers share data for free via CDD Public, we’ve decided that’s exactly what we’re going to do: provide free CDD access to researchers interested in archiving and publishing all their data for the greater good of the community.

With the barriers to precompetitive data sharing coming down, it is our wish to continue to receive and publish new data sets useful both to our client base and to the scientific community at large.

If you want to join the revolution and share data with the larger community, email us at:

[email protected]

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