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CDD Super Bowl Sunday

February 1, 2016

As the Super Bowl marches into CDD’s backyard, we also have an internal competition heating up.

This has nothing to do with the performance of the Broncos, Panthers, Cardinals, or Patriots  – but rather the fierce competition of prioritizing informatics functionality to expedite drug discovery research.

In the Eastern Conference, Visualization-Calculations matched up against Inventory needs.

Activity and RegistrationVisCalc

And in the Western Conference, it was Activity & Registration versus ELN.

VisCalcActivity and Registration
For those without front row seats, teams Activity & Registration and Visualization-Calculations emerged as early favorites.

But in a surprising twist, collaboration trumped competition!  The coin didn’t flip.  A tie was drawn.

Instead of needing to choose a single winner, Visualization-Calculations were elegantly integrated with team Activity & Registration all within CDD Vault.

And guess what?  Inventory and ELN will also be incorporated directly into CDD Vault.  As always, this is done carefully and naturally with the familiar, easy-to-use interface.   CDD Vault remains the intuitive software your whole project team will embrace (employ & enjoy).

So after all the strategy and competition, of course, the final real winner is you.

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