CDD Vault Celebrates 1-Millionth User Login!

CDD Vault ELN News
May 6, 2019

CDD Vault Celebrates 1 Millionth User Login with R2M Pharma

Dr. Tien Widjaja of R2M in her lab.

Dr. Tien Widjaja is the lucky, one-millionth user to login to CDD Vault.

When Dr. Tien Widjaja logged into CDD Vault for the first time in April 2018, she had no idea that she would score the lucky one millionth user login to the system just a year later.

“CDD Vault has been a valuable data management tool and it feels good to be part of this milestone,” says Tien, a Scientist in the medicinal chemistry group at R2M Pharma Inc (R2M).

Based in California, R2M’s mission is to accelerate drug discovery by taking drug candidates from early hit stage all the way to phase 1 clinical trial. The company prides itself in providing timely and cost-effective compound optimization service for its many external clients, in addition to having several internal projects. To do that, R2M needed a digital platform that could not only easily store and share data with external collaborators, but also protect the security of its own data. CDD Vault turned out to be the perfect solution.

“What I really like about the Vault,” says Julio Medina, PhD, CEO of R2M, “is that it enables us to share data in real-time with multiple partners, across diverse projects, while maintaining control of exactly who is able to access what information, which instills confidence in our partners.”

CDD Vault provides a centralized platform where R2M stores multiple types of data, including molecule registration, chemical and biological data, and experiment documentation using the ELN module. Not only does this safeguard against data loss, it’s also a time-saver when it comes to patent filing and sharing procedures, because everything is already captured electronically. In fact, some of R2M’s clients were so impressed with CDD Vault that they went on to obtain their own Vaults.

“CDD Vault has been hosting customer data for 15 years and the one-millionth login is a reflection of our super loyal customers,” according to Barry Bunin, PhD, CEO of Collaborative Drug Discovery. “We are proud to support the important research of forward-leaning scientists like Dr. Tien Widjaja at R2M.”

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