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CDD Vault is a powerful platform that can store, query, and analyze a variety of data types related to biological and chemical entities, including small molecules, nucleotides, proteins, cells, and even mixtures.

Use Case: Protein Therapeutics

Register peptide sequences and automatically calculate physical properties. Organize assay results as well as related entities such as expression plasmids.

Use Case: CRISPR

Set up genetic engineering experiments and protocols with ELN. Capture data and results and build a database of CRISPR constructs.

Use Case: PROTAC

Compare PROTACs and their bioactivities. Register the linker, E3 ligand, and warhead components as separate entities for easy cross reference.

Use Case: Antibody Drug Conjugates

Track ADCs and their components: antibody, linker, and warhead. Define bioassay protocols to characterize candidates and visualize results.

Use Case: Oncology Drug Screening

Register drug combinations (mixtures) as unique entities to facilitate drug screening.

Use Case: Lead Optimization with ML

Generate new lead compounds with predicted properties using CDD Vault's proprietary deep learning algorithm.

User Testimonials

Oliv Eidam

Oliv Eidam, Ph.D.

Associate Director Data Science, Ridgeline Discovery

"I only start working on proteins and antibodies once they are registered in CDD Vault. Spreadsheets don't work because you don't know which version is up to date. I trust the Vault as the single source of accurate data."

Jim Lanter

Jim Lanter, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Arkuda Therapeutics

"The Vault's powerful and flexible system not only facilitates rapid compound registration from our external medicinal chemistry teams, but also seamlessly integrates this information with a wide range of in vitro and in vivo testing results. This enables rapid assessment of the developing SAR across multiple dimensions; everyone appreciates how well the system works while requiring virtually no internal IT support."

Application Notes

vault screenshot registered plasmid with sequence