CDD Vault Update: Design Refresh

This release provides a visual refresh to CDD Vault, plus navigational cleanup and simplification.


The new design greets you on the log-in page, and is applied throughout the site. We’ll let it speak for itself, but we hope you like it as much as we do.


New Settings Page

All settings have been consolidated under a single tab. There are sub-tabs for user and vault settings, which contain everything that used to be on the “Account”  and “Manage” pages.


Other Changes and Cleanup

  • The “Save this search” link on the Search page is now in the search results table header. save_this_saearch


  • Goodbye References. We are removing the References Module to make room for more products and features. As CDD Vault continues to rapidly grow, it is important that we prune less-used features to keep the application clean and usable. Any references associated with protocols have been migrated to text readouts for you, and the full reference data is available for export. Contact [email protected] for details.


  • Goodbye Dashboard. You will now be taken directly to the Explore data tab when launching a new CDD Vault session.  We will return to the idea of a dashboard in a future release, making sure that it can be configured to show the data you want to see.

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