CDD Vault Update: Dose-Response Improvements Part II: IC50s, MICs and More, Oh My!

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June 3, 2011

Easier Import

Dose-response data is now imported in a two-column format (e.g. concentration and activity) which means you no longer have to pre-define your dose series. This allows for variable concentrations across samples and enables you to import data directly from screening plates. We have deleted all mapping templates for dose-response data, because they no longer apply to this simpler, more compact format.

Compute MIC90s or MIC99s

With the new dose-response form (below), you can select one of the pre-defined calculations, or create your own custom calculation by entering a name and specifying the desired intersection.


As Many As You Want

For those of you who want more than one calculation for a given data set, we allow you to add additional calculations so you can easily compare without re-importing your data. Are you unsure whether an MIC99 or MIC98 provides a better approximation of the MIC value? Add as many calculations as you want, look at the plots, then remove the ones you don’t need. The plots and the calculated data will be automatically updated in the background.

Please contact support with questions, or to schedule a template building session.