CDD Vault Update (May [#2] 2019): ELN Witnessing and Insert Across Vaults

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May 24, 2019

Spanish novelist, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, wrote, "Once again life has taught me that my role is to be a witness, not the leading actor.”

If your role, too, is to be a witness, then this CDD Vault ELN release is built for you!

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    ELN Entry Witnessing

    Users may now have their ELN entries witnessed by colleagues who are approved for this witnessing task.

    The first step is for the Vault Administrator to enable ELN Witnessing by navigating to the Settings > Vault > ELN Witnessing tab. Once enabled, the Vault Administrator can also:

    • Designate which Vault members can witness ELN entries,
    • Set the Notification Period, and
    • Assign which Vault Members are notified when a witness task has not been completed within the chosen time frame.

    ELN witness screen

    The witnessing step is activated when a user Finalizes (   ) an ELN entry.  At this point, s/he is presented with the list of Project Members who are approved to witness ELN entries. Selecting a witness from this list will move the ELN entry into the witnessing workflow.

    Enable Witnessing in CDD ELN


    Once assigned for witnessing:

    • the ELN entry goes into read-only mode,
    • the owner is notified that the entry has been submitted for review, and
    • the assigned witness is notified via email.


    Witnessing notice sent to Owner from CDD ELN


    The assigned witness can then click the link from the notification email, or navigate directly to the ELN tab, and review the ELN entry. The assigned witness then has the ability to ACCEPT, REJECT, or CANCEL.


    CDD ELN Witness process


    If the witness process is not completed within the specified Notification Period, a notification email will be sent to the users selected by the Vault Administrator to receive witnessing notification alerts.

    If the assigned witness rejects the ELN entry, s/he must type in a reason for rejection and click the REJECT ENTRY button. The ELN entry’s status is then set to Open and the owner is notified via email.


    CDD ELN Witness process


    Once the witness process is accepted, the ELN entry’s audit trail is appropriately updated and the ELN entry is finalized.

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    Insert Across Vaults

    When using the Insert feature (   ) to insert links to CDD objects within an ELN entry, users may now insert links to objects from any of the user's CDD Vaults. To take advantage of this feature, the user must first set the "Search across all vaults" setting to True in the Settings > User > Preferences tab.

    Once this "Search across all vaults" check-box is selected, the Insert link feature (   ) will be able to search for CDD objects from ANY of the user's CDD Vaults and insert these into an ELN entry.

    CDD ELN Witness process

    This lookup feature is also available within Marvin JS, when clicking the CDD Look-Up button (    ).

    A typical use case where this new, global insert feature is useful would be a situation where a user has access to a main production CDD Vault, as well as a separate reagents CDD Vault. In this scenario, the user could search for and insert a link to a compound registered in the reagents CDD Vault directly into an ELN entry in his/her main production CDD Vault.