CDD Vault Update: More Collections and Detail Pages Cleanup

CDD Vault Update Logo
June 20, 2012

This release introduces some additional Collections goodies as well as few usability enhancements for the the molecule, protocol, run, and plate details pages.

Collections Intersection

You can now search for all molecules that are in two or more collections (AND).


New Collections Tab on Molecule Page

Here you can see the collections that include this molecule. We will offer the ability to add or remove the molecule from any collection soon.


New Projects Tab

You might have noticed another new tab on the previous screenshot. Right? Project information previously displayed in the side-bar now has its own tab. You can manage project access on this tab, as well as see a list of all projects to which the resource belongs.

Enhanced Details Page Side-Bar

The details page side-bar has been reorganized for easy access to the actions you perform most. Nothing revolutionary but it should streamline some operations. The same actions are also available under their respective tabs if you like the extra clicks.