CDD Vault Update: Preparing for Projects

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January 22, 2010

Most of the work for this release was behind-the-scenes restructuring to prepare for the upcoming series of “projects” releases. There were a few user-visible enhancements delivered, however.

As of this release, if your data import has errors, you now have the option to commit the import (so that data without errors is added to your Vault) and then to download an excerpt of your import file containing just the records with errors. You can then fix and reimport just the excerpt. This should smooth the process of importing problematic files.

There were a number of minor fixes as well, which I’ll list here in abbreviated form. Please contact support if you would like to know more. The minor fixes in this release were: support hydroxide salts and hydrates simultaneously, make session cookies HTTP-only, fix the aspect ratio in exported dose-response plots (note: every Excel version acts slightly differently, so we picked something that looked OK on all three), restrict the impact of extremely expensive searches on the performance of the rest of the application, improve the performance of loading scatterplot data a little bit, make the export banner turn red on error and green on completion, use scientific notiation for large numbers on the y-axis in scatterplots, and, finally, hide contents of data sets when in the Vault that published them.