New Data from the FDA Available for Public Access Use!

April 30, 2011

CDD has made publicly available the rare disease research database (RDRD), and examples of FDA approved drugs repurposed using HTS. Look for these new data sets under the Public Data heading of the Explore Data section:

  • Orphan-designated products (>1 market approval for common disease indication)
  • Orphan-designated products (>1 market approval for rare disease indication)
  • FDA Drugs Repurposed using HTS methods

The FDA has recently provided a resource, the rare disease research database, which lists Orphan-designated products with at least one marketing approval for a common disease indication, for a rare disease indication, or for both common and rare disease indications. There are less than 50 molecules in this category, including large biopharmaceutical drugs. With the kind help of Antony Williams at the Royal Society of Chemistry who sourced all the structures, we have published RDRD data in CDD for Public Access use, enabling structure mining of this set within and across public and private data! These data sets will also be useful for capturing additional uses for FDA approved drugs.

Another data set we have curated, comes from mining the literature for examples of drugs that have been found through HTS to have other activities. These data sets are used and analyzed in a paper recently published in DDT.

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