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CDD Vault Update: Search Results and Z-Score

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July 19, 2014

Full width search result table

The search results table now uses the entire width of your screen, maximizing the data you can see without needing to scroll.


Structure search limit

The maximum number of structures matched by a similarity or substructure search has been increased to 100,000. A clear message is now shown when this limit is reached. If you need to go above the limit, read this helpful tip from one of our clever customers (or just let us know why you’d like a higher limit and we’ll increase it for you).

Consistent concentration-response/dose-response curve plots

By default, concentration-response curves in your search results will all have consistent x and y plot scales to make it easier to instantly spot differences when scanning through your results. The axis ranges will be based on the values observed in your samples, excluding controls.

New z-score calculation

CDD vault now allows you to base z-score calculations on either the negative controls or the samples. When quality negative controls are available they can provide more consistent and meaningful z-scores (particularly when normalizing by plate), but in some situations using the samples may be preferable.


The formulas are as follows.


This blog is authored by members of the CDD Vault community. CDD Vault is a hosted drug discovery informatics platform that securely manages both private and external biological and chemical data. It provides core functionality including chemical registrationstructure activity relationshipchemical inventory, and electronic lab notebook capabilities.

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