Recorded Webinar: New Frontiers of Drug Discovery — From Machine Learning to Physics

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New Frontiers of Drug Discovery — From Machine Learning to Physics

Recorded live September 9, 2021

Join us in a discussion with Jonah Kallenbach, CEO of Reverie Labs, and Dr. Woody Sherman, CSO of Silicon Therapeutics, as they share their insights and outlook for computational drug discovery.

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Jonah Kallenbach

Jonah Kallenbach

CEO, Reverie Labs

Jonah Kallenbach is the CEO of Reverie Labs, which he co-founded through participating in the Y Combinator accelerator program. The company focuses on engineering next‑generation kinase inhibitors for oncology by applying cutting-edge computational tools, and has received $25M in Series A investment in 2021. 

Mr. Kallenbach received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Woody Sherman

Woody Sherman, Ph.D.

Chief Computational Scientist, Roivant

Dr. Woody Sherman is the chief scientific officer at Silicon Therapeutics and the chief computational scientist at Roivant Sciences. Dr. Sherman joined Silicon Therapeutics in March 2017 from Schrödinger, Inc., where he was vice president and global head of the applications science team, helping pharmaceutical companies apply computational chemistry tools to challenging targets.

Dr. Sherman received his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Professor Bruce Tidor.