Using the CDD Vault as collaborative lab inventory system - an example

Using CDD as inventory software: A use case example from the Stephen Martin group, University of Texas at Austin

Reagent Inventory

Three years ago the Martin research group at the University of Texas, Austin worked with Collaborative Drug Discovery to establish and maintain a chemical inventory for over 3,000 compounds.  This online inventory application is easy to set up, maintain, and use.

We use the substructure search feature of CDD to quickly identify compounds with similar structures. This greatly simplifies finding compounds with selected functional groups that are needed for model and methodological studies. Prior to having access to this database, we used a very inefficient paper-based inventory system that was not readily searchable and completely ineffective for substructure searches.  On numerous occasions unnecessary chemical purchases were made because the inventory was not updated.  The CDD inventory program has eliminated these purchases, thus saving a lot of money.  An online chemical inventory system is a great way to manage and search for chemicals, and the CDD database has proven to be a simple and robust platform to use. We like it.

— Alex Nichols for Stephen F. Martin Research Group

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