Case Studies

Thought Leaders Describe their Informatics Best Practices

Dale Cameron, Ph.D., Associate Director of Medicinal Chemistry, viDA Therapeutics

Dale Cameron, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Medicinal Chemistry,  viDA Therapeutics

Vida Therapeutics logo: CDD ELN Customer

viDA Therapeutics

One Project Team’s Evolution from Excel Spreadsheets to CDD Vault

Design and development of new drugs is a difficult endeavor. Small companies can spend a large amount of time just managing data and communicating results, let alone on scientific innovation and finding new candidates for development. viDA Therapeutics was one such company, and their use of Excel files to track their important chemistry and biology data lacked transparency, control and efficiency. By implementing CDD Vault, they achieved better control of data, vastly improved collaboration, and the ability to track…
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Managing Informatics Challenges across Distributed Drug Discovery Projects

Mironid is a biotech company that embraced the distributed research model with multiple physical sites and CRO collaborations. By implementing a hosted informatics platform early on, Mironid was able to ensure effective data management and sharing across the team and rapid advancement of several hit compounds for optimization.
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Julia Adam

Julia Adam, Ph.D.

Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Mironid Ltd

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Julio Martin, Ph.D. Head of Kinetoplastic Biology, GSK – Tres Cantos Open Lab

Julio Martin, Ph.D.

Head of Kinetoplastic Biology, GSK – Tres Cantos Open Lab

GSK - Tres Cantos Open Lab logo: CDD ELN Customer

GSK - Tres Cantos Open Lab

Informatics Infrastructure for Public-Private Collaborations in Neglected Disease Research

Efforts to develop new medicines for diseases of the developing world (DDW) have been somewhat fragmented in the past and progress has been limited, despite considerable investment. Public-private partnership (PPP) is becoming an essential model for research in neglected disease areas. However, collaboration on this scale presents unique challenges…
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