CDD Vault Update (April 2022[#3]): Share and Save Visualization Sessions

CDD Vault Update Logo
April 15, 2022

Visualization sessions may now be shared with colleagues who are members of your CDD Vault.

When you click the Actions menu and then the “Copy Share Link”, a link is copied to your clipboard. Share this link with other Vault members (via email or your secure CDD Vault Message Board) or bookmark this in your browser so that you can return to this session and continue your analysis.

Helpful Hints

  • Your original search criteria are used to load the data, so when you (or a colleague) use this link, the search will pull back the latest data that matches the search criteria.
  • Create visualization dashboards for your screening pipelines and lead optimization. Use generic search criteria and add key fields (via customize your report) used for decision making.
  • Data is automatically filtered based on the user’s access rights. They will never see data that they cannot access in CDD Vault.
  • When sharing this link with others, they will have to log in.