CDD Vault Update (March 2023): Exporting Structures, Display Run Fields in Search, New Substructure Highlighting and GET API Performance Boost

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March 17, 2023

Exporting Structures into XLSX

The structure images exported into XLSX files now match those displayed within CDD Vault.

Run Fields in Search Results Table

CDD recently announced the ability to create Run Fields for annotating Runs of a Protocol. These Run Fields can now be displayed in your Search Results Table and are included in exports. Use the Customize your Report interface to add these fields on-the-fly or set a new Protocol Default display for your individual Protocols (Settings > User > Protocol Defaults).

New Structure Query Highlighting

When performing a SSS (substructure search) query in CDD Vault, the resulting hits are highlighted in the Search Results Table to emphasize the portion of the Molecule that matches your chemical substructure query. Updates include:

  • Multiple matches are highlighted in different shades. The darker shade represents the first match. All subsequent matches will have the same color making it easy to see when there are multiple matches.
  • Gray outlines help distinguish overlapping matches and where matches end.
  • If an entire ring structure matches the query, the center will be filled.
  • Abbreviations remain collapsed if they do not match the query structure.

Faster GET API Endpoints

The performance of GET Molecules, GET Batches, and GET Plates has been significantly improved with this release.