Collaboration as the key to turning around the drug discovery business (Part 3) - A Solution

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A Solution: Adopting a standard, collaborative framework would lead to more cost-effective drug discovery as a natural consequence of the economic efficiencies of integrated specialization.  Collaborative technologies provide a secure mechanism to withhold, partition or selectively share refined IP-sensitive proprietary drug discovery data down to an individual experimental result – regardless of whether the information is internal or external in a single cloud-based database.   Since drug discovery research today is collaborative, it makes sense to use a technology designed to support these workflows.  Traditional databases are not collaborative and often not even in the cloud.  Document sharing, chat rooms, and related technologies are obviously not scientific relational databases for making best decisions using up-to-date aggregated data and mining tools.  To really be effective and efficient, tools need to support natural workflows.  Obviously CDD has invested heavily in innovative solutions to support collaborations with our collaborative Projects within the CDD Vault®.

The key has been to support researcher’s natural workflows for collaborative drug discovery data.  This allows researchers to work with zero, one, or many collaborators, within a single system without needing to upload and copy data multiple times. Access becomes instantaneous, rather than waiting for 3, 6, or 9 month formal cycles with lots of big meetings and delays.  Everyone naturally accesses and mines data as appropriate based on their project privileges.  This provides a more convenient mechanism to bring together the new knowledge from innovative academics with the industrial rigor in defining the path to the clinic, so more innovative drugs now can be more rapidly evaluated in clinical trials with the best partners working together.

Collaborative innovation benefits the whole industry ecosystems.  And as President Kennedy once said, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

CDD publishes extensively on this subject. Read our latest editorial in Drug Discovery Today “Alternative Business Models for Drug Discovery”.

You can also download the full series “Collaboration as the key to turning around the drug discovery business” by Barry Bunin as a pdf document:


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