Sekkei Bio Implements CDD Vault to Centralize Research Data

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Sekkei Bio Implements CDD Vault to Centralize Research Data

San Francisco and Bangalore — September 15, 2022 — Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) announced today that Sekkei Bio, an India-based company dedicated to building cutting-edge technologies for drug and vaccine design with global impact, has implemented CDD Vault as the main platform to house its research data. Sekkei has made big progress toward finding therapies for diabetes and pain.

Sekkei Bio has a management team with a long track record of successfully bringing drugs to market. The company has built an in-silico discovery engine based on this experience, which allows them to design and develop novel drugs and excipients. The in-silico engine drives their in-house programs and can also be accessed by other organizations through a range of flexible collaboration options. Sekkei Bio has also created an mRNA platform that provides a cost-effective and scalable solution for vaccines and therapeutics adapted to the regional need.

Key to the progress of the Sekkei drug discovery program is the implementation of CDD Vault to store, manage and analyze their research data - including peptides, small molecules, and assay data - used to model the new drugs. The implementation of CDD Vault is key to the company’s collaborations as it enables data security right from query handling to library handover and allows for interactions with partners and collaborators in real time.

"Several of us at Sekkei have worked with CDD in previous tenures. We knew of the power of the platform and how it will help organize data and make them traceable, searchable and reusable," said Dr. Monalisa Chatterji, Director and co-founder at Sekkei Bio. "Clean and organized data are the cornerstone of IP-able scientific progress. It is important to us to keep the traceability of the data and ensure that our data is secure yet readily accessible at the same time," stated Dr. Anirudh Ranganathan, co-founder of Sekkei Bio.

"We have known the Sekkei team for a long time, and they have an impressive track record delivering new drugs. We are proud that CDD Vault will be supporting their research again in this new venture," said Dr. Barry Bunin, CEO of CDD.

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