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    April 6, 2016

    Celebrating A Dozen Years of Collaborative Drug Discovery in CDD Vault: 12 Popular Posts

    To commemorate a dozen years of trusted, secure data hosting by leading drug discovery project teams in CDD Vault, we're sharing a dozen recent popular posts:

    1. Why using pIC50 instead of IC50 will change your life 14 July 2014.

    Video:  https://www.collaborativedrug.com/buzz/2015/04/15/on-demand-video-from-the-pic50-scientific-webinar/

    2. New Data from the FDA Available for Public Access Use 30 April 2011.

    3. New White Paper: Promoting Effective Project Teams for Drug Discovery August 6 2015.

    4. CDD First Live Webinar Event - Are Your Compounds Biased by Your Discovery Techniques (with Christopher Lipinski and Matthew Soellner) September 8 2014.

    Video: https://www.collaborativedrug.com/buzz/2014/10/29/in-case-you-missed-it-check-out-the-video-from-cdds-recent-scientific-webinar/

    5. Drug Discovery in the Age of the Customizable Genome: Implications of the CRISPR Revolution July 8 2014.

    6. Launch of CDD Visualization Module (Drive it) May 2 2015.

    7. CDD Spotlight Interview with Paul Humphries, Reset Therapeutics April 17 2014.

    Read or listen to more CDD Spotlight Interviews:  https://www.collaborativedrug.com/spotlight-interviews/

    8. CDD Spotlight Interview with Dale Cameron, viDA Therapeutics July 28, 2014.

    Read or listen to more CDD spotlight interviews:  https://www.collaborativedrug.com/spotlight-interviews/

    9. GSK Published Kinase Inhibitor Set (PKIS) Now Available in CDD Vault July 8 2013.

    10. Collaboration as the Key to Turning Around the Drug Discovery Business - Part 12 "Looking at Research Through Ubuntu Colored Glasses" June 18, 2012.

    11. 5th CDD Users Meeting "Celebration a Decade of the CDD Vault" 30 July 2013.

    View live tweets with images from the meeting.

    12. Guest Blog from Dr. Jonathan Baell, sharing thoughts on the PAINS filters beyond what would go in the primary literature 8 March 2010.

    There are just a dozen of the hundreds of provocative items from leading drug discovery researchers online on the Blog, News, and Publication Pages.

    ...we look forward to supporting your innovative drug discovery R&D over the next dozen years.

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