COVID Moonshot – CDD Vault Supports Worldwide Effort to Find a Therapy

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A Paradigm of Truly Collaborative Drug Discovery Research in the Face of a Global Challenge

The COVID Moonshot is a global consortium that aims to rapidly develop antivirals for COVID-19. Drug Discovery World recently published an article highlighting the collaborative efforts of organizations including Diamond Light Source, University of Oxford, UCB Pharma, Enamine, Medchemica, University of Cambridge, PostEra, Weizmann Institute, Temple University, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Imperial College London, Boehringer Ingelheim, SAI Life Sciences, and many more who have united their efforts on the race towards the discovery of new therapeutics to tackle the latest pandemic.

The collaborative nature of the CDD Vault informatics platform has proven to be ideal for this type of large, decentralized collaborations that gather information throughout the whole drug discovery process. CDD Vault is capable of storing and organizing chemical and biological data coming from different sources. Having a centralized, single source of truth enables distributed teams to analyze and share information in real time, accelerating progress and increasing the chance of success.

Data Coordination Strategy

In the video below, Dr. Lizbe Koekemoer of Oxford University describes how the project team leverages CDD Vault to effectively store, manage, and share data among multiple international partners.

About CDD Vault

CDD's flagship product, CDD Vault®, is used to manage chemical registration, structure-activity relationships (SAR), and securely scale collaborations. CDD Vault is a hosted database solution for secure management and sharing of biological and chemical data. It lets you intuitively organize chemical structures and biological study data, and collaborate with internal or external partners through an easy to use web interface. Available modules within CDD Vault include Activity & Registration, Visualization, Inventory, and ELN.